About 7 years ago I was around my heaviest weight, which hovered around 200 pounds (other than being pregnant when I passed that…) since then, I have gone through so many changes mentally, emotionally and physically.

Back then I was so unhappy in my own skin and so unhealthy – I lived off Tums and Pepto because my digestion was so out of whack and I constantly felt sick from the heavily processed foods I ate daily, I had several kidney stones
attacks, no energy, I was out of shape, had low self-esteem and felt pretty powerless. I used to just focus on the weight, the number on the scale and how I looked compared to others.  Can you relate?follow me on

I felt really sick during my pregnancy and even got kidney stones at 35 weeks (the worst!) – this was it for me, when everything changed and I switched my focus to doing what I needed to do to get HEALTHY.  It started with my nutrition, the foundation for good health and since then I’ve learned so much about what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve my goals in addition to nutrition, including working out, meditating, and living life in alignment with let's connect onwhat feels good to me.Yes I have lost weight but I’ve also gained a much brighter, happier, healthier lifestyle that makes me
feel amazing from the inside out … and that is worth so much more!  It’s not simply a number on a scale or a specific pant size. I want to do my best each day to make choices that amplify my life, that make me feel good, feel vibrant, to help others and live my life to the fullest. It is a journey & each day I have a choice in how well I treat myself, living a healthy lifestyle is an expression of self-love and loving life.  A journey made all the more wonderful and all the more challenging to do while being a mother.  Having my son was the real point of transformation for me because I knew I needed to feel my best so that I could give my best to him.

Struggling with weight, with confidence, with low energy – it takes its toll on our health and life in so many ways.  Have you been struggling with feelings like this too? Are you ready to make a change?

I can help!!  With the right tools, guidance & support you can make the healthy lifestyle changes for your own transformation, whatever that means for you personally!  Yes, it takes work but it doesn’t have to be really time-consuming or complicated;  it just takes the proper tools, coaching and understanding that SELF-CARE needs to be a priority because YOU are WORTH it!

The ripple effect of feeling like your most vibrantly healthy self extends far beyond just your personal well-being, it affects your life & your family by being a shining example of how to live a healthy lifestyle, how to love yourself fully and having the energy & confidence to really make things happen in your life!  I’m passionate about working with mommas on their self-care & self-love so that they feel vibrantly healthy.  Happy, healthy, confident mommas raise happy, healthy confident children. 

Are you ready for a change?

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