I’m a soulful nutritionist for women. I work with mommas, soulful entrepreneurs and sensitives to help them feel their very best, to love themselves wholeheartedly and shine their light bright in this world. This is my passion and my mission.untitled-design-4

I’m a momma to one amazing son who completely lights up my life and I have a supportive, loving man who makes me laugh every single day. I have the best family who would always have my back and honestly, I’m not sure how I could get through life without my tribe of soul sisters. I’m so full of gratitude for my life including the very tumultuous journey of self-love I have been on throughout my healing.

My journey began a number of years ago; I was getting sick constantly, working in a job that made me unhappy and feeling all around lethargic, negative and just ‘out of sorts’.  I was overweight, didn’t feel confident or comfortable in my own skin and in all honesty, I really didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I had attached my self-worth to a number on a scale and the size of clothes I wore causing me to downward spiral into unhealthy, negative self-talk. I realized wasn’t living my best life and that something really needed to change.

I sought out support from holistic centered practitioners who could help me dig deep rather than just looking at surface symptoms. During this time I also became pregnant with my son; starting my family changed my life more than anything else because I just knew that I had to feel my best to be able to really give my best to my son who deserved a healthy, vibrant momma.  I couldn’t imagine this little bundle of love and light ever feeling the way about himself when he grew up the way I felt in my body. I realized that I needed to take care of and take responsibility for my own health so that I could be a fully present momma.  I needed to teach by example; it was then that I committed to creating a change, transforming my outlook and lifestyle!

untitled-design-1One of the first things I changed was my nutrition but in a totally different way then I had tried before. After years of yo-yo dieting, going between restriction and counting calories and points, and binging junk foods I would feel shame and guilt for what I hate and how I looked; I knew I couldn’t go down that road again. This time, the shift had to come from within, from a place of self-love. It didn’t happen overnight, and there are definitely still days when I have to work at cultivating that self-love but I think that’s okay, healing isn’t linear and even though things aren’t always easy, it is always worth it. It reminds me of that quote

“You are allowed to be both a Masterpiece and a Work in Progress, simultaneously.” — THIS! We are all a beautiful masterpiece never doubt that!!! And it is also okay to want to deepen into our self-care, work on our personal development, empower ourselves to make choices to up-level our well being; mind, body & soul.

The benefits I experienced from learning the power of nutrition were profound and inspired me to go back to school for holistic nutrition so I could continue to learn and pay it forward.  At the time that I started making the shifts I could barely cook and my diet comprised mainly of processed and fast foods, a typical North American diet – you know fake “foods” disguised as food; lots of eating but not a lot of nutrients, so if I can do it, I know you can too!  I began eating more whole foods and a predominantly plant based diet, I’ve tried lots of variations and play around a lot with different eating plans. Since then, I have learned to eat intuitively for my body and create mindful habits, I worked on healing my relationship with food, learned how to provide nourishing meals for my family and how to incorporate cooking these wholesome foods into my busy day-to-day life.

Let me tell ya, what a difference in every aspect- renewed energy, weight loss, mental clarity and an overall WHOLE sense of vitality, vibrancy and well-being. I re-awakened a part of me that I didn’t even know was missing as I continued to heal and found myself on not only a health journey but a spiritual one as well as I connected to my soul, found a new passion and starting living a life of intention and alignment with what I felt to be true in my heart and soul.

Just like life, health is a journey so I have had my share of successes and setbacks and have learned a great deal in the process.  Throughout it all I have learned more about myself, my body and more in depth, multi-faceted ways to provide true nourishment for my mind, body & soul.  I’ve dug deeper into limiting beliefs, old patterns that don’t serve me, the key importance of healthy stress management & the mind-body connection as well as how energy affects me, especially with having this empath soul of mine.  Learning about energy is what awakened me to my own intuitive gifts and started my love affair with working with energy, it’s connected me to the healer inside of me on a whole new level.  Nutrition was my first love because it was the first layer of transformation I experienced in my health & well-being but learning about energy became my next love and a whole new level of vitality and transformation in my life.  And now, I’m alchemizing my two passions; soulful nutrition and energy work for a deeper level of work in my practice.

It really takes a whole body approach. Nourishing foods, energy healing and clearing, physical activity, quality sleep, stress management, personal development, meditation, journaling, a great support system, loving yourself, learning when to say no, and when to say yes, following your heart and passion – true nourishment for your mind, body & soul.untitled-design-7

I really believe that vibrant health is the solid foundation for living the life you truly desire, that self-care is an expression of soulful self-love and that cultivating true self-love is a daily practice.

My hope is that by sharing my knowledge, my dreams, my triumphs and struggles and my heart with you while I go on this wellness journey that I will inspire others who may feel stuck, unhealthy and unhappy to take charge of their health & wellness as well.

So, Wild Hearts, let’s start a movement together of women who support each other in being our most authentic selves, inspire one another to make healthy choices, radiate love to others {& ourselves} and raise the vibration in our health, our lives and the world. Together we can make a positive change.

Big, big LOVE & light to each of you,