Body Wisdom Session

This is a beautiful session combining meditation, soulful nutrition and energy healing where we tune into your body to see what story it is telling us; our body is an excellent guide and provides messages on what’s happening even in the deeper layers. In this session I will lead you through a meditation to help you tune into what you’re feeling in your body and where you are holding blocks or stuck energy that’s contributing to what you’re experiencing.   These sessions are so beautifully customized to you so there’s no telling where it could lead us, from past traumas to past lives, mindset shifts, triggers, imbalances or misalignments mind, body or soul, we will do the healing work around what comes up that can be done within this session through energy work, connection, discussion and recommendations on how you can further deepen into your healing journey through sacred self-care and support your body with soulful nutrition, chakra clearing, setting intentions and other tools.  You can come to this session with something in mind that you’d like do some work around or simply let your body be your guide around what needs to come up in that moment.  The process of healing is on-going in many ways since there are always deeper layers that come up along our journey but I believe that we get more relief, clarity and movement when we take a whole body approach supporting our physical body along with our spiritual body, this 60-75 minute session is a look into all of these areas, nourishment for the mind, body and soul. You also get a 20 minute follow up call within 2 weeks of your session to ask any questions that have come up and receive a personal energy clearing for an extra dose of support.


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Create some Sacred Self-Care time for you!

Sessions are done online using Zoom or Skype!