Wild Heart Wellness Circle is a sacred space I created for women to share, connect & support each other. Loving & nurturing is at the core of our being as women, we take care of others, we would do anything for our loved ones BUT do we give that same love to ourselves? Do we take the time to nourish our mind, body & soul?

I believe that true wellness comes from taking a WHOLISTIC approach & that when we take good care of our {physical, mental, emotional, energetic & soulful} needs, we are able to give our best to our loved ones and our soul work. Nutrition, movement, meditation, gratitude — these are all acts of self-care.

This group is for you if:

* you want to connect with other rad women

* you’re loving, kind & open-minded

* you have a sense of humour & want to have some fun

* you’re ready to start or are on your journey to living a holistically minded, healthy life

* you’re interested in taking a whole body approach to wellness {mind, body & soul}

* you’re ready to stop fighting against your body and your relationship with food and are ready to reconnect and love your body cultivating a soulful self-love

This Facebook group is FREE to join and if it resonates, I would love to have you join us!!