Intuitive Eating & Healing Session

I am so excited about my newest offering that I have created as a way to really give customized support on a physical, mental, spiritual and energetic level to help you up level your self-care in one session.  I combine my knowledge and experience as a holistic nutritionist with my intuitive gifts and ability to read energy for this Intuitive Eating & Healing Session.  As sensitives a lot of us struggle with food, perfection and needing support, this session helps with these things giving you tangible inspired action steps to get you started on what your body, soul and energy is craving right now that will help bring you relief and create movement while also giving you the element of spiritual support.  Many of us are familiar with the term spirit guides or guardian angels but not everyone knows how to connect safely or where to start with connecting with their guides.  We have many guides that help us in many ways if we ask them to but one that I am focusing on in this session is a healer guide that we each have that is here to support us on our healing journey and with body image, self-care and self-love.

For this Intuitive Eating & Healing Session you will get to ask 3 questions related to anything nutrition, self-care or your health.  Before our session I will connect with your healer guide to find out who your healer guide is, how you can connect to them in your everyday and get intuitive guidance on the answers your seeking.  Then in our session I will give you all of that information, discuss what you’re experiencing and do any energy clearing/healing around what your body needs in that moment so you come away with healing, recommendations/tools for what to focus on for your body right now and a connection to your personal healing guide.  This session can look different for everyone depending on what you need.


$150 + applicable tax

Sessions are done online using Zoom or Skype!


Here’s what one of the beautiful souls who have done this has said about their session:

“I came to Kristin asking for relief from my ever-present heartburn. Truth be told, I internalized my heartburn- thinking it was “punishment” for my poor food choices. After tapping into my energy Kristin explained that my heartburn wasn’t food related- it was linked to a trauma in my past. She introduced me to my healing guide and asked me to call in my guide whenever I felt the heartburn. Immediately I noticed a difference. Within a week my heartburn had dramatically decreased in frequency. Within a month it was almost gone! After talking with Kristin, I was able to stop judging myself AND found relief from my heartburn. Thank you Kristin!” – Lynn

“My reading with Kristin exceeded my expectations. She connected me with my healing guide who I can now feel on a regular basis. My questions were answered and she also gave me a few tips of her own that were very helpful! We even did an energy healing that came up naturally during our season. I am more connected with my body and feel empowered on my healing journey. Kristin made me feel comfortable and well taken care of. I am so grateful for this experience.” – Amanda Schank

“I had a wonderful session with Kristin. She helped me connect to my healing guide who gave me ways to incorporate more self-care into my day. He also advised me to get out in nature more as a way to soften and connect with him and love. My three questions were answered, and Kristin went above and beyond by asking another question on my behalf. During the session we found out that my healing guide was a son from a past life. He was an East Asian medicine man and was my son in one of my past lives where I was a healer. I would highly recommend any session with Kristin, she is so loving and kind.” – Kelly