Kickstart to Vibrant Health Session

This is a value packed session targeted towards either kickstarting your wellness/nutrition journey or helping you get over a hump or challenge you’ve been experiencing that is making you feel stuck. In this 60 minute 1:1 session we will dive into one topic you’d like to focus on and discuss how to best support your body around this.   This isn’t an in depth analysis of your eating habits or seeking imbalances within your body systems {like what is done in my 1:1 packages} but is a wonderful way to get some inspired action steps on what can support you for where you are in your journey with certain foods or recipes to help you get started, to find out where to shift your focus and support you in creating healthier habits and ways to infuse more self-care into your day. You get my undivided attention, love and support as I hold space for you to share your struggles and help you move and shift into how you really want to feel – whatever that means for you!  This is a great first step or a way to get a dose of support and guidance whenever you need a little boost, cheerleading, recommendations and love throughout your journey. This is more for physical support through holistic nutrition and does not include any energy work like the other sessions. You will get a recording of our session so that you can take notes later and just show up, be present, ask questions, connect and get support while on the call but have access to it for referring to your action steps and recommendations afterwards.

$111 {plus applicable taxes}

Sessions are done via online video call in Zoom or Skype