I’m so excited about this new way to connect and work together, the Wild Heart Wellness Membership program! This is a great way to help infuse more self-care into your life, connect with like-minded wild hearted sensitive souls and get support, tools and tips for nourishing your mind, body and soul each month.

I remember what it was like when I was first starting out on my healing journey, it felt like there was so much to learn, do, cut out… it felt overwhelming even through my determination to feel better in my body.  Even now 7+ years into it I can feel that overwhelm creep up as I peel back the layers, heal on deeper levels and work to up-level my self-care.  One of the biggest things I learned was that having the right kind of support to help me create small inspired action steps, answer my questions and give me the tools and healing support that I need to get the relief, clarity and movement is one of the best investments I can make to help me feel my best.  There are lots of ways to get support and so many amazing healers and practitioners out there – I love my tribe and deeply value investing in my health in that way.  There is also a ton of information out there in this amazing, albeit sometimes overwhelming age of internet where we can access any info we want in a moment, but how do we know what will work best for us, where to start or what to focus on for the biggest impact?  This is where working with someone can help but I know not everyone is ready to or needs to invest in $2000+ intensive 1:1 programs yet they could still use the guidance, love and support that comes from working with a practitioner and healer.  THIS is what I love about my membership program, it’s a beautiful synergy of nourishment for the mind, body and soul combining my favourite ways to support you as a holistic nutritionist and intuitive energy healer for a low monthly investment for on-going support.

Each month you will receive a new 7 day menu with delicious whole food recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and healthy treats.  They will be a combination of completely plant based and omnivore {meat} meals with lots of vibrant fruits and veggies, mostly gluten-free {though some recipes may contain spelt or sprouted grains}, refined sugar-free, and mostly dairy free {some recipes may contain ghee, grass-fed butter or goat cheese} – so there is something for everyone.  These recipes are a great way to try out new foods, shake things up with what you’re eating to add in more variety, learn to eat more with the seasons and find out how to eat more intuitively as you connect to your body and discover which foods make you feel vibrant, energized and healthy.

I will be a hosting a monthly online class on various topics regarding holistic nutrition, intuitive eating, self-care, self-love, mindset, cooking/recipes, energy & wellness – you will have the option of joining live or watching the replay! You will be able to go back and watch all previous classes for the duration of your membership as well.  I would love to get input from you on what you’d like to learn about – your interests, questions and participation is a key part of this membership and the content you’ll receive!

This is my FAVOURITE component of the membership because it’s an amazing way to get support, chat with me, learn from others and get RELIEF on how you are feeling!  I will be doing a weekly group Zoom call with live energy clearing 1:1 – this is a great opportunity to get started on some extra energy management, get guidance on what’s going on in the energy, raise your vibration and get the boost you need to feel better.  How this works is that each week you can hop onto this regularly scheduled call to let me know what you’re feeling and I will do clearing around that for you – it could be a situation, a feeling, a symptom, a block – anything that you could use some love, support and clearing around.

Our aura and the chakra energy centres collect a lot of energy and take “hits” causing us to feel imbalanced or stuck in different areas of our life affecting how we feel day-to-day so clearing them helps to restore balance and clarity. Each monthly I will alternate doing remote energy clearing of your aura or chakras; you do not need to be present for this practice, it’s done by connecting to the energy but I will let you know when I am doing it.

Once a month I will have an online Q & A session , where members have access to me for answering questions around all things nutrition and self-care. This is different than the energy clearing and the class, it will be just for giving extra general guidance, support and tips for wherever you are on your healing journey.  There will be a replay for those that miss it and an archive of past ones.

Once a month I will email you a one card oracle reading with a picture of the card I pulled for you and a written message around the card.  These are typically around self-care or something that just comes up but if you have a specific question or area you’d like some clarity around you can email me to ask!

There are lots of other bonuses and benefits to being a member such as first access to new programs, spots opening up in working with me 1:1, ebooks and extra classes, circles and workshops that I create in addition to  receiving discounts on my products and services.  I will be providing other goodies along the way like meditation mp3s, mantras, emailed love notes and other things I dream up along the way!

The Wild Heart Membership is nourishment infused with energy and so much love. 

$111 monthly    


$1111 if paid in full for the year 

{taxes included}

If you have any questions I would be happy to hop on a {free} connecting call with you to see if this is a good match for you and what you’re looking for!  Book a session here or reach out by email