Space Clearing

Even though most of us don’t see energy, we do feel it all the time.  There are different ways we experience the effects of energy, how it influences us  and how we collect it and, because everything is energy, our homes (and other places) also collect different types of energy that also majorly impacts how we feel when we are there. Just like when something happens to us we have a memory of it that gets stored within us, in a house when things happen they get stored as like an energetic memory.  The land and the home can hold different types of energies which can influence how we feel on a daily basis. We can experience this in different ways depending on the type of energy, it might be a creepy or weird feeling in a certain part of the house, having trouble sleeping, feeling upset or anxious, drained all the time, or even arguing a lot.  If you work there and you feel blocked in your business in some way this can also be influenced by the energy of the space.  There are so any ways that the energy in your home can affect how you feel each day which then impacts how you experience life, how you take care of yourself, your sleeping patterns, your eating habits etc. Doing a space clearing is a really great way to experience some relief right away; it does not impact the beautiful memories or positive energies in your home, it just gets rid of the negative and lower vibration energies that are making you feel drained and stuck so that the good energy can flow properly throughout your space.  Everyone who lives in the home {even fur babies!} also get clearing. This creates a solid foundation for more healing and supporting you on up-leveling your self-care practices.

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The space clearing is done remotely so it doesn’t matter where you are located. You will provide me with a basic drawing of your floor plan for the house (it’s easy, I’ll show you an example!) and I connect to the energy of the home for the space clearing. We can chat more about this if you have questions in a connecting call or by email

“I had the pleasure of getting a home clearing from kristin. At that time I was struggling with vertigo, headaches & unpleasant dreams.

The process was incredible. I was asked for a drawing of the layout of my home, so that kristin could clear all the nooks and crannies. She prepared me as to which day she would be clearing my home so that I could tune in to my feelings.

After the clearing was complete I was amazed by what I noticed: vertigo was completely eliminated, headaches decreased & my bad dreams were gone. I noticed I had more energy, my creative juices were flowing & I felt more like myself again.

Kristin also offered me a thorough explanation of what she felt in my home & what she was able to clear. It was an incredible experience that I’m so grateful for. I highly recommend doing it!” – Valerie