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How do you feel each day?

Do you feel beautiful inside and out?

Do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted?

Have you struggled with eating healthy and transforming your well?

What is your inner dialogue like when you think about your body? Your health?

You are not alone in your struggles.  It’s your time to make YOU a priority!


                                                                           5-rosegold-circle  to learn how to eat intuitively and mindfully in a way that feels best for your body

                                                                            5-rosegold-circle  to learn to listen to your body’s cues and messages

                                                                            5-rosegold-circle  to conquer your cravings and unhealthy eating habits

                                                                            5-rosegold-circle  to feel like your most vibrant self and find that inner glow

                                                                            5-rosegold-circle  to feel comfortable in your own body and radiate confidence

                                                                            5-rosegold-circle  to re-awaken the connection between your mind, body and soul

                                                                            5-rosegold-circle  to feel like your serving from overflow rather than feeling depleted or rundown

                                                                            5-rosegold-circle  to establish new healthy lifestyle habits that align with how you really want to feel

                                                                            5-rosegold-circle  lose weight naturally without restrictive diets

                                                                            5-rosegold-circle to cultivate a soulful self-love

It’s time for that soul aligned, heart centered self-love revolution.

Now, I can’t do the work for you. I can’t make the change happen, that magic is within you. Here’s what I can do though – I can believe in you wholeheartedly, I can hold sacred space for you to open up and dive deep, I can support and clear your energy making it easier to navigate your feelings & energy, I can give you the tools, resources and support to help set you up for success. I can talk things out with you, empower you and help you find your why to fall back on when things aren’t easy. I can remind you of your magic, your worth and to show yourself love an grace when you’ve forgotten.  I can help re-connect you to your inner wisdom, the healer and wellness warrior within you that knows the way.  I can also give you lots of yummy, nourishing recipes 😉

If you’re a sensitive soul like me, you may have found that the typical way of doing things doesn’t always work for us because we feel on such a deep level and pick up so much of the energy around us; this affects our lifestyle, our eating habits and our health which is why I love the powerful combination of energy work with soulful nutrition together.

If you’re ready to say yes to you, to let go of excuses, release self-judgement, dive into your healing self-love journey and nourish your mind, body and soul. If you’re ready to take inspired action to start infusing that self-care into your life and finally make peace with your body…

work with me 1:1 

                                                                                               5-rosegold-circle  weekly sessions for completely customized intuitive support, accountability and inspired action steps

                                                                                               5-rosegold-circle  recommendations made for nutrition, self-care rituals, supplements and lifestyle

                                                                                           5-rosegold-circle energy healing and mindset work

                                                                                               5-rosegold-circle  recipes custom to what you need & like

                                                                                               5-rosegold-circle  weekly remote energy clearing

                                                                                               5-rosegold-circle  meditations and body love journal

                                                                                               5-rosegold-circle  email support


6 weeks package – $1111 {payment plan available}

16 weeks package – $2222 {payment plan available}

{+ applicable taxes}

Sessions are done online using Zoom or Skype!

FREE space clearing*  with 4 month package {value: $444} 

Let’s set up a free 20 minute connecting so that we can learn more about each other, make sure we are a great fit here and you can ask me any questions you have about working together:

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